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DAY 5 – 27 October:

Michelle: Today was quite an adjustment, trying to manage two children. It was however, I guess, made easier by the fact that Conor was on the light bed a lot of the time. I still wasn’t happy with how little he was feeding, in fact I was pretty anxious about it. I knew that newborns needed to feed frequently and he just didn’t seem interested. All he wanted to do was sleep. The nurse came and weighed him and took his blood. I was hopeful that by the end of the weekend we could get rid of the light bed and get into some kind of normal routine.

Michael: The usual first-night-home jitters but nothing that is greatly worrying us, we are all home and that fills us with so much joy. A nurse comes to weigh him and check the bilirubin levels and mentions he is not gaining enough weight. But it’s a common trend for babies to lose weight after birth. Some skin to skin and breastmilk will hopefully get him right.

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