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DAY 3 - 25 October

Michelle: Today was fairly uneventful. Both Mike and I hadn’t realised how different boys were from girls, and we both got a shower during nappy change JJ Conor wasn’t feeding as often as I thought he should be, but I knew that C-section babies could be sleepy and so I thought it was fairly normal. The paediatrician was happy with everything during his daily check.

Michael: I carry on trying to keep the routine going, I spend the day sorting out the home and the afternoon having quality time with Rachel. Being the youngest I never had the experience of a younger sibling so thought I’d reassure her, hoping her relationship with us doesn’t change. Having a second child, I was worried about how one can love another as much as one does the first. Does the feeling get halved and shared between the two? I shouldn’t have worried about that because as it turns out, it is a whole separate feeling, like an extra room in the house that is filled to the brim with love. An indescribable feeling. Wow, this is going to be awesome!

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