26 Days of Conor *23/10/17 +17/11/1

We know how powerful storytelling is; we have seen the impact it has had in a healing journey for both the storyteller and those reading/listening to it. Tomorrow Conor is turning 2 and so we have decided it’s time to share our story, which we will do in daily snippets over the next 26 days.

We are sharing our story for our own healing certainly, but mostly in the hope that it will touch another parent who needs to know they are not alone. Who needs to know we understand that the trauma of having a critically ill child in ICU is a heavy load to carry. Who needs to know that in telling their story they may help others in their darkest hours…..

If you would like to share your story with us, we would love to hear from you.

Two years ago, we couldn’t have known that our hopes and dreams would never materialise; that our dear, sweet Conor would only live for 26 short days. This is his story as much as it is ours……