The Conor James Foundation Beats for Bucks programme is simple: trade your heart beats for cash. Participate in any major sporting event and raise funds for our foundation in two simple ways:

1. Ask people to sponsor you a straight amount for completing the sporting event

2. Ask people to sponsor each of your heart beats during your sporting event.


Calculation: average heart rate per minute x minutes it took you to complete the event ~ total number of beats

Example calculation: donation of 1c per beat. Average heart rate: 145bpm x 3h30m (210min) = 30450 beats x 1c = R304.50

You can also sign up to participate in our two team events:

CYCLE FOR A CAUSE: Cape Town Cycle Tour 2020



RIDE FOR A PURPOSE: 94.7 Cycle Challenge 2020



All fundraisers undertaken on our behalf will be managed through

The Conor James Foundation Trust GivenGain account:

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