Our Angel Wings and Angels of Africa projects aim to provide comfort for grieving families through the gift of a bespoke outfit for final photos and for funeral services

We came across this concept in a Facebook post and loved the idea. It is something that we wished we had known about when Conor died, as we would have loved an outfit like this for him.

My wedding dress, like so many others, was still hanging in the cupboard and I didn't know what to do with it. This is something that really resonated with me, and was something I wanted to do with my wedding dress. So, we decided to launch our Angel Wings project in order to offer a small token of comfort to bereaved families.

What better way to make use of a special dress than to pay forward the love to a family who has an angel baby?

Our Angel Wings outfits are carefully repurposed and lovingly made from donated wedding dresses into Angel Outfits in newborn, preemie, tiny and micro sizes.

These outfits are donated to hospitals to be gifted to bereaved families.

The Conor James Foundation collaborated with Footprints4Sam on the Angel Wings project, and together created the idea of Angels of Africa robes.


These robes are hand-made from carefully selected ShweShwe material and are available in newborn, preemie, micro and tiny sizes.

These outfits are donated to hospitals to be gifted to bereaved families.

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